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1-on-1 coaching

for career-focused women who want a successful career AND an amazing life

Transform from stagnant to success 
Get unstuck in your career and life and accelerate your progress towards a successful, purposeful career, better work-life balance, and more fulfilling personal life, through 1-on-1 coaching with certified life and career coach, Janelle Kee-Sue.

Are you feeling stuck in your career and life?

Have you spent years climbing the ladder, only to find that it’s not as fulfilling as you hoped it would be?

Have you fantasised about changing careers to something that would feel more meaningful and fulfilling, but worry you'll be making a big mistake? Or that it’s too hard or too late to change now?

Do you struggle daily with overthinking, overwhelm, negative thoughts, self-doubt, and not having time for the things you love?

Is imposter syndrome telling you you’re not good enough to go for the position you want, so you’re not even trying or applying?

Do you constantly compare yourself to others, and feel like you’re behind, or like you should have achieved more than you have by now?

If any of that resonates with you, you’re not alone. 

So many career-focused women are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and are struggling to get the progression, satisfaction and sense of purpose and meaning in their careers, all while making time for their personal life, too. 

It’s not easy to have it all – a thriving career and personal life. But it IS possible. 

Imagine what it would feel like if you could have it all – a career that’s fulfilling and successful, AND an amazing personal life... And that's exactly what we're going to do!

The real reason why you’re hitting a wall in your career and life

  • You’ve grown as much as you can in your current role, and the day-to-day work isn’t as exciting or satisfying as it used to be, so you’re getting itchy feet.

  • You work so hard that there isn’t much time or energy left for yourself, your friends, family or fun – which is a sure-fire pathway to burnout.  

  • You don’t have clarity on what you really want, or a solid vision for the future that inspires and motivates you. When you don’t have a clear vision of what you want and why, it’s near impossible to make fast progress in an intentional way. 

  • You’re overwhelmed by all the options, the perceived hard work involved, or the time it will take, so it’s easier not to do anything. 

  • You’ve made decisions influenced by societal expectations and what others think you should do, not what you really want or what matters most to you. This can lead us to feel like we’ve somehow gone down the wrong path. 

  • You’ve had tunnel vision on your career for so long that you’ve lost touch with who you really are, what lights you up, and what you value, which is a leading cause of feeling stuck, lost and unhappy. 

  • You don’t have a solid plan with key milestones and outside-the-box strategies to help you reach your goals, so you’re just doing what you’ve always done and it’s not working like you hoped. 

  • You’re being too risk averse, and you’re not taking action that’s big enough, or often enough, to have an impact. 

  • You’re sitting back and waiting for opportunities to land on your lap, rather than seeking them out and creating them for yourself. This is the slow road to success. 

  • You don’t believe in yourself enough, so you’re self-sabotaging or staying in your comfort zone (which is coincidentally the ‘no growth’ zone!).  

  • You let your negative automatic thoughts get the best of you, and it holds you back from taking action (and also likely causing unnecessary anxiety and stress). 

  • Sometimes you feel like you’re an imposter; that you’re not good enough, or skilled enough, and eventually you’ve started to think that’s true…

  • Deep down you don’t believe it’s possible for you to have both an amazing career AND an amazing life, so you’ve always felt you’ve had to choose between them. Now you feel disconnected and off-balance – like something’s missing but you can’t put your finger on it.

Does any of that resonate?

Perhaps you may be feeling a little bit attacked right now, but the truth is that ticking even just a couple of these boxes is enough to have a significantly negative impact on your career and life, which can be hard to overcome on your own, and it’s keeping you stuck. 


When you’re unhappy in your job and where you’re at in life, it can affect EVERYTHING. 


And if left unaddressed, it can lead to feelings of inadequacy, dissatisfaction, anxiety, unhappiness, burnout, and even depression. 


Well done for choosing to do something about it!  


By coaching with me, you will have access to a proven-effective toolkit for achieving any goal, overcoming any challenge with no loss of enthusiasm, and creating the career and lifestyle of your dreams. 


Sure, you could try doing it on your own. But are you happy with your progress so far? 


You’re here because you want to make BIG changes in your career and life, and you want them FAST. 


That’s exactly what you’re going to get by working with me.

How to NOT be stagnant in your career and life

It’s a lot simpler and easier than you might think! There’s a proven framework that will take you from stagnant to success and it looks like this: 

Discover > Plan > Think > Become 

I call this the ‘She Thrives’ framework, because it’s designed to help you thrive in all areas of your career and life.


It’s based on coaching principles, psychology, neuroscience, and hundreds of hours of working with career-focused women like you, from various industries, to successfully transform their careers and lives, and thrive instead of survive. 


Delivered through 1-on-1 coaching for one hour a week for 12 weeks at a day and time that suits you, it has a 100% satisfaction rate, and has helped every single person who has completed the program to make positive changes in their careers and lives at an accelerated rate.


I’m 100% confident it will help you, too!

Here are some of the results you'll get

✔️Stop feeling stuck in your career and life and achieve success – whatever that looks like for you. 

✔️Banish feelings of inadequacy, like you’re not good enough or ‘behind’, or that your career is unfulfilling and meaningless, for good! 

✔️Get to know yourself on a deeper level and rediscover yourself and what lights you up, so you have clarity on what gives you a greater sense of purpose and meaning. 

✔️Figure out exactly what’s not working in your career and life and what your ideal vision would look like and why, so you have clarity on where you’re headed. 

✔️Create goals that inspire you (and are attainable) and align with where you want to go and who you want to become. 

✔️Stop procrastinating and start creating unstoppable upward momentum in your career by taking strategic action, evaluating your results, and being held accountable. 

✔️Learn how to prioritise yourself and create space for work-life balance – doing things you love and not feeling guilty for it. Realise that you can have it both ways! 

✔️Overcome fear, uncertainty and doubt that’s holding you back from getting momentum in your career, and secretly causing you to self-sabotage and stay stuck (we’re all guilty of it!). 

✔️Borrow the secret strategies and mindsets used by extremely successful high performers, so you too can tap into your unlimited potential.

✔️Learn how to get control over your mind and use it to your advantage so you can overcome challenges easily and get the results you want. 

✔️Successfully rewire your brain from negativity bias and adopt an unshakeable growth mindset that will help you achieve success and be a lot happier doing it! 

✔️Learn what motivates you (and demotivates you) so you have a plan for pushing through when you’re ‘just not feeling it’ – because we’re human and it happens… 

✔️Tap into unshakeable confidence because you know how to transform self-sabotaging internal stories into empowering, supportive thoughts.

✔️Start making incredible progress towards your goals because you understand exactly how to take focused, aligned actions to make it happen.

✔️Overcome fears around showing up, saying yes to opportunities, stepping outside your comfort zone and taking risks without becoming attached to the outcome.

✔️Let go of anxiety and resistance around making changes and doing ‘hard things’ because you’ll have full belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. 

✔️Find inner peace and profound self-acceptance, so whatever chaos is happening in the world, you won’t get so affected by it. 

✔️Step into the most powerful, authentic and confident version of yourself with a more positive outlook, and the tools and skillset to reach any goal and overcome any challenge. 

✔️You’ll stop feeling so crappy, and start feeling happy! You’ll be more fulfilled and feel like you’re living a life that’s meaningful and in alignment with who you’re meant to be – leading to higher satisfaction, better mental health, and overall appetite for life. 

✔️Realise (and utilise) the power of personal and professional growth to help you reach your goals 10x faster. 

✔️Get the career you want, and the life you want, and become the person everyone whispers about; “I wonder what her secret is!” 

✔️You’ll make great progress in your career: whether that’s progression in the same company, role sculpting in your current position, a new job, or even a completely new career!

Want to learn more? Book your free consultation with Janelle (up to 1 hour video call) to find out how coaching can help you reach your goals.


Janelle is a certified life and career coach and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) practitioner based in Wellington, New Zealand.


Having spent over 10 years climbing the ladder in her corporate marketing career, resulting in burnout and unhappiness, she knows what it's like to feel stuck and like you're not living a purposeful life. But luckily she found a simple way to get out of it, and created a successful career that’s meaningful and fulfilling, as well as a thriving personal life. 

Now she has the roadmap to help you. All it takes is 12 sessions together - one hour per week - and each session has been designed to help transform your life and career so you'll have clarity on your pathway forward, the tools to get there, and get back on track to living a life you love!

Meet Certified Master Life & Career Coach, Janelle Kee-Sue

"This is for anyone who feels lost or doesn't really know what to do next in life, or someone who doubts themselves and what they can achieve in life."

Coaching client, aged 28, NZ

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

The She Thrives Framework:

Discover > Plan > Think > Become 

Simple, yet incredibly effective, this framework can be distilled down to four transformative shifts that get you hyper focused, intentional and clear so getting unstuck and creating the successful, purposeful career you want (along with a well-balanced, thriving personal life) becomes inevitable.

01: Discover

Get clarity on what you really want

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons for women feeling stuck or stagnant in their careers is because they don’t know where they want to head and why? If you don’t have a destination in mind, you’re just ‘winging it’ through life. When you let things happen purely by chance instead of intention, it can take longer to make progress, and you may end up at a destination you don’t like… 


Through coaching techniques and the She Thrives framework, I’ll help you dig deep below the surface to pull out the gold hiding underneath. We’ll find out what’s most important to you, your superpowers, values, passions and purpose, so that you’re clear on your future vision and have a destination in mind, and know your true reason for wanting it. This is about rediscovering YOU.

02: Plan

Create a solid plan with goals that inspire you

Once you have a destination, it’s time to map out the journey in a way that’s attainable and not overwhelming. You’ll learn how to prioritise strategically, cut out things that are holding you back or sucking up your time and energy, take strategic massive action, evaluate so you’re not repeating the same mistakes, and gain insane momentum towards your goals. This is about strategic planning and ACTION.

03: Think

Harness the unlimited power of your thoughts and mind

Arguably the most transformationtional part of this framework, this shift focuses on how we are a function of our thinking and this means your ability to transform your career and life and get the success you desire arises from the quality of thoughts.


Harnessing the unlimited power of your thinking to rewrite internal stories and create empowering habits is the difference between a phenomenally successful person and one who never stops struggling. This shift will open your eyes to new perspectives and ways of thinking, and it will change EVERYTHING.

04: Become

Step into your unshakable confidence, power and success

The final shift is to become the person you want to be by stepping into your most confident, powerful and successful self. You’ll identify and overcome the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts holding you back from stepping into your highest potential, and it’ll feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. 


You’ll borrow the secret strategies and mindsets used by extremely successful high performers, so you too can tap into your unlimited potential. It’s about learning how to show up in alignment with your future self – even before you’ve achieved what you want to achieve. You don’t get what you want, but who you ARE.

How 1-on-1 coaching works

We’ll meet weekly, 1-on-1, for one hour over Google Meet (Google’s version of Zoom) for 12 weeks. Preferably on the same day and time each week for consistency, but we will also have flexibility because life happens. 

Each week will cover a specific topic designed to follow the She Thrives framework of Discover > Plan > Think > Become.

By the end of the 12 weeks, you will be a completely different person to who you were when you started (in the most amazing way!). 


The best part? You’ll have all the tools, knowledge and intrinsic motivation you need to achieve any goal you set for yourself FOREVER. 

Here’s everything you’ll get

✔️12x 1-hour 1-on-1 coaching sessions over 12 weeks with Certified Master Coach, Janelle Kee-Sue.

✔️1x bonus 1-hour coaching session for use at any time during or after the program.

✔️Worksheets and access to self-coaching tools and resources that you can use forever.

✔️Reflection exercises in-between coaching sessions to help you 10x your results.

✔️Unlimited email support with your coach for 12 weeks. 

✔️Bonus VIP access to the She Thrives Women's Mastermind group community.

✔️A beautiful welcome pack gift shipped to your address after you sign up to set you up for success. 

Want to learn more? Book your free consultation with Janelle (up to 1 hour video call) to find out if this coaching program is right for you. 

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100% satisfaction rate

Results guaranteed

✔️100% of clients have said this coaching program has helped them to gain clarity on their goals and have a clear plan for achieving them. 

✔️100% of clients said they believe they’ve made far more progress towards achieving their goals by doing this program than by doing it alone. 

✔️100% of clients said their belief in themselves and their ability to achieve their goals has significantly improved as a result of this program. 

✔️100% of clients said their outlook on life has become more positive as a result of this program.

✔️100% of clients said their mental wellbeing improved as a result of this program. 

I guarantee results. If you don’t feel like coaching is making a positive difference in your life and career and you’re not experiencing results, I’ll give you your money back for the remaining sessions (if you’ve paid in full), or you can cease coaching at any time. That’s how confident I am that you’re going to have a transformation as a result of working together. 


The only requirement for this guarantee is that you give this program your 100% effort. By that, I mean you show up, you’re committed to the process, you do your reflection and actions in-between sessions, and you give it your all.

Ready to get started?

Great! You've made a great choice for yourself and your future. Book your free consultation with Janelle to learn more about the process and how she can help you reach your goals. 

Alternatively, contact Janelle at with any questions. 

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You'll naturally have questions, so here are the most common ones, answered. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions. 

What happens when I book a free Clarity Session?

When you book your free Career-Life Clarity Session by filling out the form on this page I will send you an email and calendar invitation that confirms your appointment. Then, you simply join at the agreed start time with a laptop and your video and sound enabled. Easy! 

What will happen during the free session?

During your free Career-Life Clarity Session I will ask you a series of questions about where you are currently and where you want to get to in your career and life. I will take you through an exercise that looks at different important aspects of your life, so you can get clarity on areas in which you are doing great, and areas that need work. Then, I’ll provide recommendations for next steps and a roadmap for reaching your career and life goals. By the end of the session, you should have clarity on what’s next for you and feel empowered, motivated and excited! 

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! You can pay for the program in full or in smaller instalments, such as monthly, fortnightly or weekly. Simply discuss your options with me. 

Who is Janelle Kee-Sue? 

I (Janelle Kee-Sue) am a certified life coach and accredited cognitive behavioural therapy practitioner who specialses in working with ambitious, career-focused women in their 20s and 30s. My mission is to empower women who are feeling stuck, unhappy or lost in their careers to find purpose and meaning again; to have great work-life balance, and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. I do this by helping them to get to know themselves deeply and do the inner work so they can find a career that aligns with their values, goals and who they’re really meant to be.

What qualifications do you have? 

I am a certified master life coach, happiness and life purpose coach with the Transformation Academy, and an accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner with the Priority Academy, I hold a Certificate in Adolescent Psychological Development with The Career Academy, and I am constantly training and learning new things. But perhaps what best qualifies me to do what I do is my own experiences and personal growth journey to finding a life and career I love, trial and error, and my unwavering passion for personal growth and professional development. Now, I help others to have more fulfilling lives. 

What do I need to do to prepare for the session?

Please ensure you’re in a quiet place with a good internet connection where you won’t be disturbed by anyone for the entire hour. A laptop/computer screen is preferred, but you can also use a phone in landscape mode. Please note when using a mobile you will need to download the Google Meet app first, so please join a couple of minutes early so you don't lose any time - you'll want the full hour! 

What happens if I can’t make my session? 

If you're unable to make your session please let me know as soon as possible by emailing me, sending me a text message, or using the contact form on my website. We can reschedule your session if you provide at least 24 hours' notice. 

What happens if I’m late to my session?

Sometimes things happen and technology doesn’t work. If you’re going to be late, please let me know as soon as possible. I'll wait up to 10 minutes past the agreed start time, if you are not there by then and haven’t contacted me to let her know you’re running late I will assume you are a no-show and the session is cancelled. 

I’m on the fence, what should I do?

Book your free session with me to find out whether coaching is right for you! What have you got to lose? It could be the kick in the pants you need for creating the career and life you want for yourself, and it’s free! 

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