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When to try Hypnotherapy & what it can be used for

Wondering when to try Hypnotherapy and what it can be used for?

Most people who do Hypnotherapy do it as a last resort after they’ve exhausted all their options. But that’s so flawed, because Hypnotherapy is actually one of the most effective forms of therapy out there. 

While individual results can vary, studies show that 6 sessions on average is all it takes to get results. Some people get results after one session, some require a lot more than that. 

But the fact of the matter is that it works extremely quickly and effectively when compared to other forms of therapy such as psychotherapy. 

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What can Hypnotherapy be used for?

Hypnotherapy can be used for a range of different things. From breaking unconscious habits and getting rid of phobias, to building confidence and motivation. If you can think of it, Hypnotherapy can likely help with it. 

Here are a few key things Hypnotherapy is commonly used for:

Anxiety and stress 

Hypnotherapy can be effective in reducing anxiety and stress. It allows you to achieve a state of deep relaxation, thereby alleviating symptoms in the moment, and the reduction continues outside of Hypnosis, too. 

Confidence and self-esteem 

Hypnotherapy is a great tool for improving self-esteem, confidence and self-image. If you’d like to feel more confident in yourself, or perhaps at something like public speaking, it’s an effective tool to help you build your confidence quickly. 

Smoking and vaping cessation 

Research indicates that hypnotherapy can be an effective method for quitting smoking. Success rates vary, with some studies showing up to a 50% success rate, and a minimum of three sessions is advised. 

Motivation and goal achievement

Hypnotherapy can help to improve focus and concentration, and help in setting and achieving personal goals. If you struggle with procrastination, it’s a great tool to foster motivation and action. 

Chronic pain management 

Hypnotherapy has been shown to help reduce chronic pain and improve the quality of life for people suffering from conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis. If you’re struggling with pain, and it’s been confirmed by a medical professional that nothing needs medical attention, then Hypnotherapy is a great tool for ongoing pain management. 

Weight loss 

Hypnotherapy can aid in weight loss by addressing underlying emotional issues and promoting healthier habits. For example, addressing emotional eating and helping you to adopt a healthier lifestyle that feels natural to you. 

Phobias and fears

Hypnotherapy is often used to help people overcome specific phobias and fears through desensitisation and positive reinforcement techniques. If you’re afraid of spiders, heights, or anything else that could be affecting your quality of life, Hypnotherapy is a great option for kicking the fear. 

Social anxiety

If you’re socially anxious then Hypnotherapy is a great tool. It can help to alleviate social anxiety and build your confidence so you’re present in social situations and able to connect with others easily. 

Sleep disorders 

Hypnotherapy can be useful for those struggling with insomnia or other sleep disorders by promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. Listening to self-hypnosis recordings before bed for example is a great way to nod off to sleep. 


Hypnotherapy can help you to become more successful by enabling your unconscious mind to get onboard with your goals and your vision for the future, helping to change your mindset and unconscious behaviours and thought patterns to be aligned with the level of success you’d like to create; preventing self-sabotage and fear of failure from holding you back. 

Is it time to try Hypnotherapy?

Now you know how effective Hypnotherapy can be, and the types of things it can help with, perhaps instead of leaving it as a last resort, why not make it one of the first tools you try?

If you’d like to try hypnotherapy or learn more, book a free consult with me – I’m a certified life coach, hypnotherapist and accredited cognitive behavioural therapy practitioner who specialises in helping ambitious peeps like you to reinvent themselves from the inside-out and achieve their biggest goals. 

Thanks for reading! If you want more, check out my other blogs, follow me on TikTok: @janelle.keesue and Instagram: @janellekeesue. You can also book a free session with me here

About the author, Janelle Kee-Sue

Janelle Kee-Sue is a Certified Life and Mindset Coach, accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner, Self-Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and is completing a Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP with the New Zealand School of Professional Hypnotherapy. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, she specialises in helping people to change their thinking so they can change their lives; to reprogram their negative thought patterns, banish limiting beliefs for good, learn techniques for being less stressed and anxious, more emotionally regulated, positive and resilient, so they can achieve any goal, and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. In her spare time, you’ll find her at the gym, working on her novel, or hanging with her floofy Samoyed Zeus and her husband Ricky. Learn more about Janelle.


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