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Want clarity on what you want in life, what will give you a sense of purpose and meaning, and to get your unconscious mind on-board with making it happen?


This self-hypnosis meditation is for you! 


This self-hypnosis meditation recording will help you to: 

  • Get clarity on your goals and next steps
  • Harness the power of your unconscious mind to achieve your goals
  • Get unstuck in your career and life 
  • Better understand yourself and your purpose
  • Feel inspired and motivated to set and achieve goals 
  • Try self-hypnosis safely in the comfort of your own home
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind for success and fulfillment


Through the power of self-hypnosis, you can access your unconscious mind and align it with your conscious desires to create the life you truly desire.


This self-hypnosis meditation by Hypnotherapist Janelle Kee-Sue will guide you through a deeply relaxing experience that will help you gain clarity and confidence in your life's purpose and direction. Take the first step towards living your ideal life by getting your unconscious mind on-board with making it happen.


Duration: 32 minutes 



  • Listen to this self-hypnosis meditation once a day for 33 days for the best results.
  • Then, listen to this recording whenever you feel you need clarity on your goals and life path, or a boost of motivation for achieving your vision. 
  • Self-hypnosis can be done in a quiet space where you won't be interrupted, either lying down or sitting in a chair. 
  • Janelle will guide you safely into, and out of, self-hypnosis in a beautiful relaxing meditation. 


PS: Make sure you opt in to receiving marketing emails from me at checkout so you receive important instructions and tips for getting the most from your self-hypnosis recording! You can opt out at any time. 


Discover Your Ideal Life & Purpose | Self-Hypnosis Meditation

$47.00 Regular Price
$37.00Sale Price
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