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Life Coaching

With your new coach, Janelle Kee-Sue


When you hire me as your coach...

You make progress and get sh*t done.

You grow in every aspect of your life.

You learn how to master your mind.

You have lots of 'aha!' moments.

Things in life start falling into place.

You feel better. Period.

What will life coaching do for you?

You'll stop feeling ‘meh’ about life. 

Your mental health will improve.

Your relationships will improve. 

Your career will improve. 

Your LIFE will improve. 


How will we do it?

Through coaching one-on-one. We’ll meet weekly for three months, either in person or online, for one hour.


As your life coach and personal growth mentor, I'll help you clarify your goals and create an action plan for getting what you want. 

I’ll help you manage your thoughts and emotions while you put yourself out there, fail, learn, grow and try new things. 


I’ll help keep you accountable and on-track while you smash your goals and transform your life! 


So, you’re thinking about hiring a life coach?

What’s included in your coaching package? 


"I was feeling a bit lost and Janelle helped me to find out what I really want in life. Now I have a clear direction, a plan, and things have really started falling into place. I recommend working with her if you're feeling a bit lost or uninspired about life. It certainly helped me."

Ricky, 30

Are you ready to invest in yourself, your future and your mental wellness?


Discover what really drives you, what you want in life, how you’re going to get it and do the work necessary to start living your best life.

Book your free consult today!