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Find Your Life Purpose Program

3 sessions with Life Coach,
Janelle Kee-Sue

Feeling stuck and want to find your true calling and purpose in life?

This is the program for you!


This 3-session program (virtual or in-person) follows a powerful reflective workbook designed to help you dig deep and find what will give you the most purpose and meaning in life so you have clarity and confidence in your future.


The process is split up into three 1-on-1 coaching sessions, each taking 1-1.5 hours to complete, with some reflection and homework in-between sessions.


It’s designed to challenge you, make you dig deep into your life’s experiences, your beliefs and values to help identify what gives you purpose and meaning in life.

By the end of this program, you will have clarity on your life’s purpose and have a life purpose statement that will guide you and keep you motivated about the future.

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What will this program do for you?

✔️ You will find your life purpose.

✔️ You will stop feeling ‘meh’ about life. 

✔️ You will have clarity on your direction.

✔️ Things will start falling into place.

✔️ You will feel better. Period.

Armed with this information, you can find out your place in the world and what will bring you happiness, so you can create an action plan to live your life on purpose.

You’ll be able to live your life with purpose and meaning, leaning to increased happiness, fulfillment, and direction.

How will we do it?

We will spend three 1-on-1 sessions together completing the program.

Each session will take 1-2 hours. The sessions can take place over Zoom, or in person if you are in Wellington, New Zealand. Ideally, the sessions will take place within one month, but can be booked whenever fits your schedule.

SESSION ONE: (1-2 hours)

- Introduction

- Passions and interests

- Personal values

- Talents and skills

- Homework: Survey your friends/family/co-workers, personality test, reflect.


SESSION TWO (1.5-2 hours)

- Discuss results from your homework

- Life changing experiences

- Coincidences and synchronicities

- Beliefs

- Homework: Complete the life purpose section.


SESSION THREE (1-1.5 hours)

- Discuss your homework

- Write your life purpose statement

-Write your manifesto

- Goal setting for living your life with purpose

The program includes: 

✔️ Consultation

✔️ 3x 1-on-1 coaching sessions (1-2 hours each)

✔️ PDF workbook

Total price: Only $699 NZD!


"I was feeling a bit lost and Janelle helped me to find out what I really want in life. Now I have a clear direction, a plan, and things have really started falling into place. I recommend signing up for her life purpose program if you're feeling a bit lost of uninspired about life. It certainly helped me."

Ricky, 30

Are you ready to find your life purpose?