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What is a life coach and why would I hire one?

Wondering what a life coach actually is and why you’d hire one? Here’s what you need to know!

You're probably reading this because you've heard the term 'life coach' thrown around, but you're wondering what that means exactly. I don't blame you, it seems a little bit airy fairy…

After all, how can someone be a coach for "life"? I mean, aren't we all equally as confused about this whole life business and simply trying to do the best we can? What could a life coach possibly know about life that's different to anyone else?

So, let's cover what a life coach actually is, what they do exactly, and why you'd hire one.

Just like athletes have sports coaches to help them become better athletes, and business owners hire business coaches to help them take their business to the next level, life coaches help you to cultivate a better life, whether that's in your career, relationships, personal goals, or all of that combined.

A life coach is someone who is completely objective in your life. They are mentors who are often exceptional at strategic planning, goal setting and taking action, and their job is to ask the right questions and truly listen to you to help you work out what it is you really want in life, why you want it, what's holding you back, and help you to step into the best possible version of yourself.